Hassan Alsheikh Talks” is a transformation journey towards finding the true powers of oneself. A compact workshop of 2 hours covering the problems and issues most of us face in love, money, food, social, school & career.

It’s all about your mindset and perspective. If you address your financial aspects of your life differently, more money will come, or to be exact, better money will come. This applies on everything you are looking for.

You don’t need a motivational speech, I’m not a motivational speaker,  nor a life coaching session, I’m not a life coach, you only need a new perspective on YOU. Happy YOU, In love YOU, Rich YOU, Successful YOU, Famous YOU, Focused YOU and all the YOU’s you can think of needs only YOU.

Transformation needs time, overnight success takes years, love needs constant work and millions are attracted to hard work… We will open your eyes on your very own HOW.

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