Try feeding yourself with all the positive messages in the world. do not expect them from outside sources.

you tell you how great you are.

you convince you how secure you are.

you tell you how rich you are.

and you will become rich.

you will become successful. (of course you need to work, of course you need to move)

but keep feeding yourself with all the positivity in the world. and do not expect it from anybody else.

nobody is going to lift you from the ground.

nobody is going to look at you positively.

nobody is going to support you.

it is only you and until you become successful and until you get yourself on the right path, only then, people are going to follow, people are going to cheer, people will want to be part of that journey.

until then you are on your own. so don’t expect it from anybody else.

check out the video I posted last week and you will understand that we are on our own on this earth. Success of Failure you are on your own.

People like parties… they will celebrate success.

People hate sad stories… they will leave you alone to cry alone.

People don’t like the struggle, so you will struggle alone to make the party for them to join and eat the cake and cheer ya and celebrate, and tell you i’m part of your success (*yeah whatever)

you are on your own.

Change the way you think.

Change the way you look at things

nobody is coming to help you.

study it.

Google it.

Research it.

unfollow all of the… you know what BLOCK all of the negative accounts that you follow on social media even if they look pretty. but they make you feel “unpretty”.

Do that right now and see how your life will become A LOT better next month.

if not next month the month after.

if not the month after, then next year, but be patient.

You are growing. and you can not expect if you plant a seed today a tree would grow tomorrow.

That does not happen.

change this

and guess what?

When you grow up.

when you become more responsible.

when you become more focused on what you want

you don’t lose people

people lose you.

because, they are not into the things you are into.

you are into success? you are into growth?

they are not

do you want that to be in your path in your journey?

how is that logical?

how is that going to get you where you want to be?

I want to be the richest man in the world.

I want to be the princess of all princesses.

I want to be the most successful singer.

I want to be the most successful creator.

I want to do seven billion things.

I want to become a chef.

would you like to have a team of football players supporting you?

they are into something else.

would you like to have a playstation champion supporting you?

or Mr. i sleep 17 hours a day and i wake up sleepy, supporting you?

when you have to be in the kitchen 24/7 cooking and practicing and rehearsing.

you get the point.

when you grow

when you focus

only the people, if you are lucky

will, MAYBE

see what you are seeing

and, MAYBE

if you are lucky

give you a push

or you know what, they won’t even give you a push

they will just not stand in your way

you are lucky if you get one person.

you are lucky if you get a team.

one of the biggest struggles of anybody who wants to do anything successful with a team is

actually hiring the team

that share the same vision

and you know ?

they don’t actually hire people that share the same vision

they hire people that are smart and believe in the vision without seeing it.

believe in what you are saying

follow the leader

in whichever departement

only then you will have that team

that is helping you to achieve what you want to achieve

what, you want your cool buddies

bros and sisesesessss

and whatever

to support?

it does not work…hahaha

not even a single biography

not even a single successful person on earth

did it that way

what makes you and your “gang”

what makes you and your “squad”

any different?

choose wisely who do you surround yourself with.


choose wisely what you surround your brain with…

by words

and energy

starting from yourself

and then all of your surrounding

only then

you will achieve you.

you better share this video.

make tomorrow a better day.