Last week i asked you to ask me any question that comes to your mind and I answered them on this video.

– how to attract money to our life? (Arabic question)
– how to manage anger? my husband is an angry man. (Arabic Question|)
– Stop Clinging to People? i am too attached. (Arabic Question)
– would you like visiting Algeria?
– are you in love?
– are you ever going to visit Syria?
– my dream destination?
– what is my nationality and where i am from?
– men skincare routine. my skincare routine.
– how to connect spiritually. how to connect with the source.
– what is the ultimate goal in life?
– are you / can you making / make money online?
– are you happy?
– what is my number?
– why i stopped talking Arabic in my new videos?
– i want to start but i’m scared of people and what would they say!
– passion and success… are they related.?
– what is my routine?
– i need a starting point in anything.
– what is your turning point? what made you start?
– who is my role model
– racism and racial discrimination. whats your point of view?
– books you recommend reading?
– what is your job?
– when are you coming to Lebanon?
– what are you afraid of?