How you react to things is king… It controls everything in your life it makes you who

you are and/or who you want to be.

The way you think about everything is controlling you.

That’s the difference, actually, between the successful ones that you look at all the time and you go like oh my God Hassan doesn’t have problems in his life, oh my god she’s full of problems.

This guy decided to think differently about the problem, this guy decided to think differently about the way he would react to that particular situation,  but that other individual decided to exaggerate, decided to put themselves down and think negatively. Think about the problem from all the angles to drag themselves deeper and deeper into negativity and guess what negativity breeds negativity.

When you look at the mirror and you see yourself as a huge ginormous cow, what are you telling yourself? I’m a cow.

What are you gonna see? you’re gonna see a cow.

When you joke about it with your lover and you tell him baby I look like a cow today or do I? what are you telling him to do? you’re actually feeding him what to see. you’re actually feeding him what to think, because what we feed our brain is actually our reality.

It might not be real. 99% of the time it’s not real. It’s a reality. So what you feed your brain, what you keep telling yourself is exactly what’s gonna control you, is exactly what’s gonna control the outcome of any situation that you face in your life.

You’re broke? think about being broke… keep thinking that you’re broke. live in your mind as a broke person and you will always stay broke forever and ever.

you can’t succeed you’re a failure. you’re a loser? keep telling yourself that, and your brain will believe you.

You know why? Because it’s coming from you…

  • Hi brain this is Hassan you’re a loser
  • hi Hassan thank you I trust you I am a loser and I’m gonna act like one forever

and ever…

whereas if you keep telling yourself all the good words… all the positive messages, automatically you’re gonna start acting positively towards achieving that particular thought.

Feed yourself feed your mind with the right words. the power of words is unbelievable, scientists started to prove it.

Since most of you watch this on YouTube just do a quick search “the effects of words on water” & “the effects of words on ice” if that is what happens to ice and water imagine what happens to you!!!

Imagine what happens to your existence, imagine what happens to your tomorrow!

So keep telling yourself that…

you’re a loser

keep telling yourself you can’t

and guess what yourself will believe in yourself because you’re trustworthy

try the opposite but be patient and see how tomorrow will be a better day