Why do I keep telling people to share content on Youtube, Instagram or any other social media?

Is it because I’m affiliated with google and they pay me every-time any of you decide to start blogging or creating sharable content?

Or is it that I’m trying to share a much more valuable message that will make all of us move forward & change our tomorrow.

In my books, everything starts with a seed. The seed needs a lot of attention and care for you to get that huge tree and eat those yummy fruits… have you heard of a yummy organic non-GMO apple that was planted yesterday? Neither have I. Everything takes time and so does success.

If you don’t know where you are heading and you are lost, moving in any direction will get you on a direction. Just move. Just do something in a direction cook, read, write, draw, act, sing, paint, talk, read again but don’t waste your time don’t waste your life trying to find that one-thing called passion while doing nothing. It will come I promise you that but you will never see it if you are idle.

You don’t have a direction today, start cooking passionately, start writing about being lost, start drawing those ideas even if your art is like my mandarine writings using my left hand. Starting anything will get you on a path of learning new things which will get you to see a spark that will lead you to your goal, or a goal. Its hard boring work but it’s a direction better than nothing.