Am I too harsh, to think differently and see life from this perspective?

Everything in life is beautiful, even the hard lessons and the scary stories we hear every-time but then again we have two ways to look at any incident: a lesson to make me stronger and better for next time. Or a problem that creates a complainer that does nothing but spread negativity (and boy there are so many of those nowadays)

Being responsible is teachable, but it will not come easy, you are either going to have to take baby steps towards it or just jump at it, head first. Either ways you will have to face it sooner or later. The sooner you become responsible the easier it becomes. You will appreciate how tough you became and how responsible in the difficult stages, when you need it the most.

It is all about the little things. They all add up. focus on the little things & big change will happen. I will become financially free, I will lose weight, I will try to make someones life better… Whatever your reason, motive, WHY is you will need to be 100% responsible for yourself, your actions, your growth & your everything. No one is coming to save you. Not today. Not any day.